The Boleyn Tavern in East Ham to re-open after £1.5 million restoration


The Boleyn Tavern in East Ham, one of the East End’s famous landmark pubs, is to re-open on June 24th after an 18-month closure and a spectacular £1.5 million restoration.

Independent pub collection Remarkable Pubs Ltd have taken the dilapidated pub, once the local for generations of West Ham United football fans and transformed it into the Victorian masterpiece of its former years.

The restoration project took a year and was completed on time. The pub is now of a standard that would have wowed the locals when it first opened in 1899.

Said Remarkable Pub’s chairman and founder Robert Thomas “The overriding drive present in all our restoration projects is to reverse the philistinism displayed in so many areas of contemporary English pub design and replace it with something better. We do the utmost.”

The original seven bars are back, some large, some small, replacing the aircraft hangar environment created during previous ownerships. New handcrafted wooden screens have been created, complete with acid-etched and Brilliant* cut glass, replicating one of the original wood and glass panels in the old saloon bar.

[*” Brilliant” is a glass cutting technique, now almost extinct.]

Gone is the old red linoleum flooring and in its place are sanded boards and beautiful marble floors of Carrara stone, from Italian quarries, famous in Roman times. The bespoke furniture, both new and restored, is beautifully authentic. Traditional craftsmen have restored and replaced glass, joinery and tiles throughout to beautiful and stunning effect.

One of the many beautiful and original features is the massive coloured glass skylight that spans what once would have been a billiards room but is now an open kitchen, servery and dining area.

This area also has intimate curtain-contained booths with handmade leather seating.

The project has been overseen by Royal Academy MA Jake Miller, an artist and gallery owner who has been closely involved in the remodelling of many of Remarkable Pubs’ restoration projects.

But the new Boleyn Tavern is not just about architecture and heritage. It aims to offer hospitality which is second to none. Hand-pumped real ales include Fullers, Shepherd Neame, the local Hackney brewery Five Points, and Tottenham craft Brewery, Beavertown, plus other alternating guest beers, IPAs and porters. Lager drinkers will like Litovel lager from the Czech Republic, only available in Remarkable Pubs. There will be a terrific range of quality wines and spirits.

The Boleyn will also have the best jukebox in London and the pub will run a variety of traditional pub events, quizzes etc, according to local tastes and demand.

The food will be pub classics and main courses from a delicious British menu, all served by a friendly team led by manager Sean Atkinson and chef Stephen Embleton, two old friends and ex-colleagues who are delighted to be working together again after 10 years.

Sean and Stephen met in Bournemouth where Sean was managing a small, but popular and busy bar. Stephen started as a part-time chef to help subsidise his final year of studying Hospitality Management. After his degree, Stephen decided to stay in Bournemouth, where the two of them continued to work together, eventually helping the business grow into a multi-site company.

Stephen moved to Brighton to continue honing his culinary skills in pubs and restaurants before eventually moving back to his native London, whilst Sean went on to run some of the largest venues in Dorset.

Sean managed another Remarkable Pub, the Virgin Queen, in Hackney.

Do you need more details on this? Then you are in luck because more information can be found on the company website right here!

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