Slow broadband? Gigabit vouchers could be the answer!


Next month anyone suffering from either slow or no broadband service will be able to apply for a slice of Government cash to rectify the situation, well at least that is what the UK Gigabit Voucher scheme is promising.

The scheme offers consumers a chance to claim £1,500 for home customers and £3,500 for business customers, the money is supposed to cover all or most of the cost of installing Gigabit broadband to the property.

Obviously, there are going to be terms and conditions to deal with, there will also be certain conditions that will need to be met before any cash makes its way to anyone, either way, if you are in a situation where getting online is not as easy as it should be, then it is well worth looking into.

For more details on this deal and to find if you qualify for superfast broadband help, then head on over to the Gigabit voucher scheme on the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport website here.

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