The Google Store opens in New York!

Every element of the Google Store was considered to make sure it’s sustainable. The Google Store Chelsea achieved LEED Platinum, the highest sustainability certification in design and construction.

Our Discovery Boxes are physical displays lining the window that highlight the beauty, form and features of our products. Each one inside the store has a transparent, interactive LED box that visitors can use to learn more about the product.

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Sandbox rooms let you experience real-life scenarios involving our products. See how Nest products work in a simulated living room, check out Pixel’s newest camera features within a custom light installation and try out the entertainment room decked out with Stadia.

The Product Gallery Wall displays our Nest products, including all the available colours and material options. Deciding between a Nest Audio in the colour Sage or a Nest Mini in the colour Sky? Now you can easily see what best fits in with your own home.

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Our Imagination Space is a 17-foot-tall circular glass structure that has interactive screens with rotating exhibits showcasing a variety of Google products and technologies.

The Here to Help support desk has associates available to assist with your needs, including Pixel on-site repair. When you’re in a hurry, skip the line by shopping online and picking up in-store.

Our Workshop space will host regular events and workshops, such as storytime for families, cooking demos with Nest, photography lessons on Pixel, YouTube concerts and more.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because more information can be found right here.

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@TechmashUK @Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #TechmashUK #Google #TheGoogleStore #NewYork #Chelsea #Store #Retail #Android #Chromebook #Nest

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