University and SocialBox donate Laptops to Homeless Charity


The University of Surrey recently announced that they were joining forces with the SocialBox.Biz Laptops for Homeless Initiative donation drive.

Now, the university and SocialBox.Biz have handed over laptops to local homelessness charity and Real Change partner, Riverside, in a donation that is helping reduce digital exclusion in Guildford.

The University of Surrey is also an ambassador for the Real Change initiative in Guildford. When they had outdated technology that they were upgrading, the University of Surrey didn’t hesitate to hand over their old but usable laptops for the Laptops for Homeless Initiative.

These laptops have been refreshed, loaded with open source software, and offered to Guildford’s homeless. These people have particularly been impacted by digital exclusion since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Missions such as the Laptops for Homeless Initiative look to help people get back on their feet. With laptops, these people can communicate with loved ones, get connected with educational opportunities, and apply for jobs.

SocialBox.Biz is encouraging any organisation that’s considering replacing their older computers to contact their company to find out how they can touch lives in the area. Not only does this long-standing initiative help people in need, but it also helps to reduce carbon emissions. This makes the Laptops for Homeless Initiative in alignment with Scope 3 Emissions ratings and upcoming governmental changes such as the Climate Change Act.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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