Verdeat Home garden invites nature indoors!

Green and juicy plants, mood-boosting light, and eye-catching simplistic design – this is what Verdeat Home Garden System offers to its users.

In 2021 the world is heading towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemics, but there is a noticeable change in people’s habits as they are turning more and more towards health and nature. People have started to focus more on healthy home-cooked meals rather than grabbing takeaway fast foods from restaurants. The pandemic also affected whole families on a mental level; they feel more stressed out, have less privacy with working from home and taking care of children at the same time. This made them want to experience something more than what they see on the computer screen.

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This is where Verdeat Home garden comes to the rescue encouraging people all over the world to invite nature indoors, start living and eating healthy and instill respect for plants by growing them in a living room or a kitchen. From basil to mint, from cherry tomatoes to strawberries, users can grow edible herbs, vegetables, and fruit at home at a 40% faster rate than in regular cultivation and have year-round access to fresh food.

Through years of continuous improvement, the Verdeat team has developed a self-watering and app-controlled system able to grow up to 76 plants at a time. The home garden is equipped with sun-like light, covering 95% of the natural light spectrum, making it a rich source of relaxing and mood-boosting luminescence. Verdeat emphasizes the modern and unique character of any interior, making it more attractive, outstanding, and perfect for gatherings with friends or family. The home garden is available in three sizes, depending on the green’s consumption. The gardening system, currently offered in black or white colour, is arranged in a tower shape, made up of one, two, or four stacked trays that utilize a soil-free system for cultivation.

Verdeat will emphasize the modern and unique character of any interior, making it more attractive and outstanding

@TechmashUK @Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #TechmashUK #Verdeat #Food #Nature #Growing #Salad #Plants #GrowYourOwn #HomeGarden #KitchenGarden

With Verdeat, no pesticide or fertilizer is used so users protect not only their health but also the environment. Verdeat follows the zero waste principle: you eat the amount you wish to eat, you don’t produce plastic waste and all your food is completely local as it doesn’t require transportation, storage, or packaging.

“Based on my own experience and knowledge about the plant-based diet I have envisioned a home garden system that will allow each of you, little by little, to make a small contribution and improve the environment that surrounds us.”

Robert Paluch, the CEO of Verdeat

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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@TechmashUK @Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #TechmashUK #Verdeat #Food #Nature #Growing #Salad #Plants #GrowYourOwn #HomeGarden #KitchenGarden

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