Voices! Success In Sonic Branding Can Be Measured!

Leading voice-over provider Voices recommends that companies put measuring the success of sonic branding on their agendas.

Marketers are well aware that their activities need to be data-driven to prove return on investment, but sonic branding tracking efforts are still in their infancy, the voice talent marketplace noted.

David Ciccarelli, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Voices, says, “We educate marketers about the importance of sonic branding, but have found that there is a missing understanding of how to track the success of audio and voice-first content. While sonic branding is mostly used as an emotional driver, the value can also be measured.”

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Sonic branding implemented for brand recognition has become an essential tool to stand out in a crowded online market and for the need of touchless customer journeys. To analyze a sonic brand, audio content and sonic advertising, KPIs have to be put in place to achieve goals within the digital audio revolution.

Sonic Branding A/B Testing

To quantify sonic branding performance, marketers need to look into measuring emotional criteria such as brand engagement, trust, and experience. A/B testing has proven to deliver the best method, the experts at Voices report. “Clients who are more experienced with sonic branding are specifically testing different sonic versions, such as generic voices against localized accents, with call-to-actions which they can track,” Ciccarelli says.

Analysis in sonic branding needs to go beyond a single sonic asset, the researchers at Voices say. Audio content is the driver in obvious marketing activities such as podcasts and radio ads, and the not so obvious ones, like YouTube videos, which can be consumed audio-first – like a player in the background.

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“Channels in which sonic branding are applied must be truly identified, and can then be measured for their performance with known tools such as Google Analytics and Tag Management and with criteria such as bounce rates and triggered events,” Ciccarelli says.

Ensure Your Audio Content Can Be Found

To improve the measurability, the Voices experts recommend making audio content available for display through organic search results wherever possible. This includes implementing SEO activities such as adding a transcription for a podcast or YouTube video for search engines to be able to crawl, and writing a description that answers the main questions your audiences may have. Audio-only ads for channels such as radio, podcasts, or Spotify can additionally be made available as a video format or be implemented in landing pages where demographic data can be analyzed, the research shows. Available tracking methods need to be deployed now, the research of Voices concludes.

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@Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #Voices #VoiceOvers #DavidCiccarelli #TheCoupPR #Sonic #Marketing #SEO #Video #Sound #Advertising

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