What Charity organizations will get a share from the CryptoMother auction?

Very soon, the NFT STARS platform will be hosting one of the most high-profile auctions in NFT history. The “Art of Blockchain” collection featuring the legendary painting “CryptoMother” is at long last to go on sale. This masterpiece has caught the eye of one of the most influential personas in the blockchain market, Vitalik Buterin, making the piece even more valuable. The painting will be sold via auction on the NFT STARS platform and part of the funds will be donated to charity. This NFT masterpiece is currently estimated to be worth millions of dollars and many crypto investors have already expressed their desire to compete for it at auction.

This will be a big event for the entire NFT art market and for the NFT STARS team. The picture “CryptoMother” has already been dubbed the ‘Crypto Mona Lisa’, which has gained much recognition over the years. Add to that the unexpected signature of Vitalik Buterin and all the signs indicate that the time is right to put the painting up for auction and present it to the public viewing and admiring. A share of the profit to go to charity.

The picture has an interesting background and has not been available to purchase for a long time. Some millionaires were ready to give fantastic sums of money for the NFT, one from the United States even offered $6 million for it but the owner would not sell it for ideological reasons.

The media has already received a list of charitable organizations that will receive a share of the proceeds from the NFT auction. Some of it will be donated to medical and environmental funds and some will go to support crypto developers. Each organization will receive 1% of the earnings.

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is one of the largest independent international environmental organizations. More than 5 million people from 100 countries work there. For 27 years, the WWF Foundation has been fighting for the preservation of the Earth’s biological diversity.
The Givewell charity organization supports people around the world in various humanitarian efforts, ranging from the fight against malaria to supporting poor families in Africa.

The Methuselah Foundation is a bio-medical, non-profit charity organization founded in 2001 by David Gobel and Dr. Aubrey de Grey. This organization is engaged in regenerative medicine, helping people to prolong a healthy life.

The Gitcoin Foundation specializes in issuing grants for novice developers of projects on the Ethereum network.

The name of the last fund will be announced later. For now, we can say that this organization will work on a carbon offset, a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide.

Why is there so much hype around “CryptoMother”?

Most new crypto users who have not been following the world of NFT art in recent months do not have a good understanding of why “CryptoMother” is the most significant and real asset of the NFT market. Many people raise the masterpiece “CryptoMother” to the level of world art, comparing it to the ‘Mona Lisa’. That’s how it got its nickname ‘Crypto Mona Lisa’. So what makes this NFT a masterpiece?

We can say that “CryptoMother” has waited for its most opportune hour to shine in front of the public. With Ethereum’s approaching London hard fork (scheduled for August 4th, 2021), the Crypto Mona Lisa is the personification of all the hard work of Vitalik Buterin’s entire team. So the auction is a huge event for the entire crypto market. After all, the London hard fork promises to decrease Gas prices.

Ethereum’s founder first saw the picture at a blockchain conference and liked it so much he left his signature on it. The work was first presented to the public in 2017 and since then, it has been exhibited at various cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences in Russia, the United Arab Emirates and many European countries.

What will the new owner of the “CryptoMother” masterpiece get? A 100×100 oil painting on canvas and the tokenized NFT. Both will be sold together at an auction organized by NFT STARS. “CryptoMother” is the centrepiece of the “Art of Blockchain” collection, consisting of five works of art in NFT form and their original oil paintings: “CryptoMother”, “Miss Coin”, “CryptoFather”, “Ethereum” and “Bitcoin”.

“Art of Blockchain” is not just a collection, it reflects the progress that crypto enthusiasts have made, not only taking the financial market but also the art market to an entirely new level. All the pieces in this collection represent the era of blockchain technology and everything that our society has achieved in the process of creating a new ecosystem. The picture “CryptoMother” has the Ethereum logo on it for a reason. It conveys the significant contribution that the Ethereum team has made to the overall development of the blockchain sphere.

What’s special about this NFT auction?

Many people believe that technology and art have nothing in common and that only one can show substantial growth. But this is not true. Blockchain and NFT bring the two together. NFT art is a big step forward for the cryptocurrency market and for art.

Now, NFT auctions are reaching the status of traditional auctions because tokenized artwork is also selling for millions of dollars and their popularity is only growing. But not all such events have charitable intentions. “Art of Blockchain” is more than just an exhibition of unique masterpieces such as “CryptoMother”, it will share part of the proceeds with those in need. This reveals a higher purpose to the auction and increases the value of the masterpiece several times over.

The NFT STARS auction will soon be presenting this iconic asset of the blockchain market to the world. “CryptoMother” will be the pearl of any collection because up to this moment, no other painting can claim to have the signature of one of the most important personas in the field of blockchain, Vitalik Buterin.

Need more information? If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the NFT STARS website right here!

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