ASUS VivoWatch V Health Tracker And Fitness Monitoring

ASUS VivoWatch 5 is an intelligent, wearable health tracker that offers 24/7 health-and-fitness monitoring. It tracks key indicators, such as pulse-transit time (PTT), heart rate, blood-oxygen (SpO2) level and skin temperature, to help understand how well your body is coping with everyday life. Pair it with the ASUS HealthConnect app featuring HealthAI technology to easily track vital signs, and receive personalized health-management tips.

With its stylish and durable construction, a battery that lasts for up to 14 days between charges, and swim-friendly design, VivoWatch 5 is the 24/7 health companion that goes anywhere. It accepts standard watch bands and features a variety of screen presets, giving you a powerful health companion that reflects your individual style.

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