EZVIZ C6 smart home camera

EZVIZ, a global leader in smart home technologies, has made smart cameras more than just security gadgets, but also devices that can provide reassurance to parents and pet owners. With many of us returning to the office and many pets unused to being left home alone, the ability to keep an eye on and communicate with anxious pets can be invaluable.

EZVIZ’s recently unveiled security cameras, the C6 and C6W, can send users alerts upon detection of a variety of events, including people walking past, distressed pets and sudden loud noises. With the C6 Series, even the busiest working parents can check up on their home and family remotely. They can receive calls from the kids or talk to a lonely pet to comfort it, get emergency notifications, and re-live any missed moments saved on the camera. Whilst the C6 has powerful AI capabilities, the C6W offers automatic tracking and zooming ensuring no activity is missed.

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The EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera is available from Amazon for $129.99 and the C6W Pan and Tilt Camera from Amazon for only $89.99

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