Standby For Global Game Jam

Today is the day that many gamers and games developers have been waiting for, its the Global Game Jam and for the next 48 hours there are plenty of opportunities to network, sample and show off ideas for the next cool game, are you ready for this, are you ready for the Global Game Jam? Find out more here; #GlobalGameJam #Gaming #Gamers #GamingEvent #GamesDevelopers #Innovation #Collaboration #Experimentation

Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers

Now paid-up Nintendo Switch Online members will be able to get their hands on a pair of Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers for around $100, we assume the price will be the same in GBP as we nearly always get the raw end of the currency deal! Each voucher can be redeemed for a game from the catalogue at a discounted price! Find out more here; #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitchGameVouchers #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #DigitalGames #GameOffers

Valiant Hearts Of WWI

The first world war rages on and although it is believed to be the war to end all wars, for those fighting on the battlefields just getting through each day at a time is enough. Solve puzzles, end the war and bring the boys back home, are you up for this? Find out more on Valiant Hearts here; #Netflix #ValiantHearts #WorldWarOne #Game #ValiantHeartsGame #NetflixGames

Destiny 2 Lightfall Weapons And Gear

You have been tasked with taking on the Battle Legion, this is not an easy thing to do, so you are going to need new weapons, technology and gear in order to stand any chance at all. Luckily there is help at hand to give you all the firepower you will need. Find out more here;–lightfall #Destiny #Lightfall #EpicGames #BattleLegion #CloudStrider #Destiny2Lightfall

JETT The Far Shore Given Time Update

The free Given Time update is available right now for JETT: The Far Shore. The action starts three years on from the last event in JETT, have lessons been learned or will the same mistakes take place all over again? Find out more on this update on JETT here; #JETT #TheFarShore #GivenTime #Update #GameUpdate #JETTTheFarShore #EpicGames

Minecraft Ten Million Subscribers

There are now over ten million subscribers on Minecraft, this is a spectacular achievement that just goes to show that sometimes you do not need all of the fancy marketing and PR to be a success you just need a great product. Find out more on Minecraft here; #Minecraft #Games #Subscribers #Gaming #Gamers #MinecraftGame

Rock On Hi-Fi Rush

Get your rock on with Hi-Fi Rush, this is a that will not only put your gaming skills to the test, but you will also need to rock it out when a robotics firm takes things too far and only you can stop them! Do you have the rhythm to take them on? Find out more here; #HiFiRush #Robotics #Audio #Music #Rockstar #EpicGames #Combat