OXS unveils the S2 Thunder Lite Gaming Soundbar


Today, OXS, a leading innovator in gaming audio technology, proudly launches its S2 Thunder Lite, a compact gaming soundbar designed to enhance the sound performance of games and videos on TVs, phones, and PCs in small rooms. Supporting virtual surround sound, the Thunder Lite can be placed on a desktop or wall-mounted. It offers multiple easy connectivity options, including Bluetooth, TV ARC, USB-C, AUX, and Optical to suit the user’s preference.

One of the standout features of the OXS Thunder Lite is its Virtual Surround Sound mode, which is expertly tuned to provide a wider frequency range of sound. This mode ensures an engaging and competitive gaming experience by immersing players in virtual surround sound, allowing them to hear every footstep, explosion, and whisper to immerse themselves into the scene. This is especially beneficial in competitive gaming, and adventure games, where audio cues can make the difference between victory and defeat, such as adventure, racing, RPG and RTS games.

The advanced audio processing capabilities of the OXS Thunder Lite are further enhanced by its unique sound chamber design, which includes an integrated bass pipe for low-frequency enhancement. This design is the result of meticulous computer simulation and optimization using fluid mechanics, ensuring the bass produced is both powerful and precise, adding depth to any audio.

The OXS Thunder Lite’s design is equally as impressive as its sound quality. With a compact and low-profile build, measuring just 45cm in width and 7.3cm in height, this soundbar can be effortlessly placed under various PCs and monitors, occupying minimal space. This sleek design not only saves valuable desk space but also adds a modern aesthetic to any gaming setup.

Highly versatile, the OXS Thunder Lite also boasts a wide range of connectivity options to suit a wide range of devices. Inputs include Bluetooth, Optical, TV -ARC, USB-C, or 3.5mm Stereo Audio. For those that wish to listen to music wirelessly, the Thunder Lite supports music streaming via Bluetooth, allowing everyone to enjoy their favourite tunes from their smartphone/tablet or laptop without the hassle of cables.

To enhance user convenience further, the OXS Thunder Lite comes with a remote control that enables easy access to the virtual surround sound effect too. This makes it simple to switch modes and adjust settings on the fly, ensuring gamers always have the optimal audio experience for their gaming sessions. It’s also useful for those that wish to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth as they can quickly adjust the volume via the remote control too.

For those who prioritize space efficiency, it also offers the option to be wall-mounted in either a living room or bedroom. This feature not only saves more space but also provides flexibility in placement, allowing users to create the ideal audio setup for their gaming or entertainment needs.

The OXS Thunder Lite is available from Amazon for $149.99/£139.99 – Currently, only $99.99/£99.99 using available coupon

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