Chip shortage stops Jaguar Land Rover production!

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Jaguar Land Rover has announced that production at two of its UK plants Castle Bromwich in Birmingham and Halewood in Liverpool has temporarily stopped due to the lack of computer chips available in the UK.

There is currently a global shortage of computers due to the stopping of production due to the pandemic in certain sectors of industry, yet the increase in demand for other products that use chips has caused a temporary shortage.

Production at the plants will stop as from Monday the 29th of April and although there has not been a timeline released, it is believed that this is a short-term break until supplies can be built up once more.

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@Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #Jaguar #LandRover #CarProduction #Processors #Computers #UKCarPlants #CarManufacturing #JaguarLandRover

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