Wittra Takes IoT Straight to Proof of Value!

Wittra is pleased to announce the formal launch of their ‘IoT Network Kit’ which is redefining the IoT landscape by taking customers straight to ‘Proof of Value’. Wittra’s solution provides a simple, practical approach for tracking and monitoring assets, their groundbreaking positioning technology enables total asset visibility in all environments never considered possible using narrow-band technology.

Reducing the complexities in any IoT project Wittra offers unique pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secure products for immediate deployment. Based on open standards to ensure interoperability and ease of integration users can collect, communicate, and control assets. Devices run on a 6lowpan IP-based true mesh radio network which uses the sub-GHz spectrum providing long-range and good penetration of structures for robust and reliable data delivery in any setting.

The Network Kit contains the Wittra Gateway, Sensor Tags, Mesh Routers and all the associated accessories ensuring your IoT project is up and running in hours; deploying the Wittra Solution via their cloud-based API is simple and intuitive offering a true ‘IoT Out Of The Box’ experience for use across many market sectors.

Each tag contains several sensors which include temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and positioning. Additional sensors can be added via a plug on sensor approach covering humidity, ambient light, and air pressure. The mesh network is extended in range by the addition of Wittra’s Mesh Routers creating a multi-hop self-forming and self-healing true mesh network.

“With the launch of the Wittra IoT Network Kit, I believe we position ourselves at the forefront of the IoT industry. It is a response to clear market needs to provide practical IoT solutions that bring value to customers quicker and with much less complexity”, says Thomas Bennet, CEO of Wittra.

Products are available to purchase through Mouser and Premier Farnell and offer an out of the box experience for rapid ‘Proof of Value’ implementations.

More details can be found here.

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