NVIDIA software computer vision

What is come computer vision like? It seems that while computers are taking over those mundane jobs that we humans no longer want to do, computers are also taking on the roles that could have an effect on our everyday lives. According to Nvidia this is the way forward and it looks like these systems are ready to be integrated into workplaces, streets and just about anywhere else where we can be caught out doing something wrong, so what do we think about this, is it good or bad?

This video answers the questions: “What is computer vision” and “Why does it matter?” This video describes how computer vision works, the different types and tasks of computer vision, and industrial applications. This video also walks through a classification example and how the field of computer vision is solving everyday computing problems.

Would you like some more information? Then you are in luck because we have included a link to the story, it can be found below, just run your mouse over the link to satisfy yourself that you are going to the right destination and click for more!

NVIDIA software computer vision

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