Flooring Superstore increases EvoCore range!


Flooring Superstore has added 94 new products to its exclusive EvoCore range. Including stylish herringbone, longboards, real wood effect and tiled options, following growing demand for this innovative flooring.

Sales of EvoCore have increased 162.8% in the last year thanks to its numerous benefits. As well as being durable and hardwearing, the eco-friendly flooring is 100% recyclable, boasts impressive home-wide suitability and is very easy to install with its innovative click-lock system, eliminating the need for glue.

Because it is waterproof and has anti-slip properties, EvoCore is particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms, although it can be used anywhere in the home. The flooring also helps to reduce noise, is suitable for underfloor heating and is pet friendly too.

The latest additions to EvoCore include:

Herringbone Essential and Herringbone Premium. This collection meets the demand for the trending Parquet style across two price points, with prices starting at £39.99 per square metre for the EvoCore Essentials Herringbone Champagne Oak. Available in an array of colourings, this range is the perfect choice for those wanting to make a statement with their flooring.

EvoCore Nature is a close match to real wood flooring, but with all the benefits of EvoCore. This collection features a real solid wood veneer, but is 100% waterproof and contains a cork underlay, which is environmentally friendly too. The EvoCore Nature Forest Oak costs £52.49 per square metre.

Premium Longboards are very authentic looking, with a beautiful display of wood knots and grains. The longer panels show off these premium details while also helping to elongate rooms. The EvoCore Premium Bleached White Oak costs £44.99 per square metre.

Premium Grande Tile are designed with built-in grout lines for a realistic tiled look. Adding warmth to your floor, the range is also great for noise reduction. The EvoCore

Premium Grande Tile Basalt costs £49.99 per square metre.

EvoCore Essentials Tile comes without grout lines for those who prefer this style and offers two price points. The EvoCore Essentials Tile San Marco Slate costs £34.99 per square metre.

EvoCore 360 has a unique 360 omni-click fitting mechanism which allows you to fit in any direction. It’s also great for joining tiled effect to wood, for seamless transitions. The

EvoCore 360 Soft Umber Oakcosts £38.49 per square metre.

EvoCore Origins is an entry level EvoCore collection for the more price-sensitive customer. Comprising of a range of trending colour tones, the EvoCore Origins Gazelle costs £29.99 per square metre.

Chris Barber, Chief Retail Officer at Flooring Superstore, said: “EvoCore is one of our best-selling ranges and it’s no surprise. Homeowners are increasingly looking for durable and easy-to-maintain flooring options that can withstand the demands of day-to-day life, while also looking stylish. EvoCore ticks all of these boxes and more, and now thanks to these new products, consumers are able to choose from even more different styles to meet their requirements and current trends.

“We particularly wanted to focus on herringbone, longboards and the real wood effect as we’ve found a huge demand in enquiries for these styles. By offering an Essentials and Premium choice in some of the products, this top quality flooring is now available to suit different budgets. The ability to mix and match with our EvoCore 360 range, allows customers to get creative with their own unique styling too.

EvoCore really is the next step in the evolution of flooring.”

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