Holidaying students fuel spike in car subscription enquiries

Record numbers of students are enquiring about short-term car subscriptions for the summer holidays, according to the UK’s biggest vehicle subscription company.

Wagonex has seen a noticeable increase in student enquiries at its subscription platform – – since universities broke up for the summer.

The majority of those making enquiries are seeking cars for between one and three months as they plan summer staycations.

The cars being most frequently searched for by students are smaller and more affordable models, including the Fiat 500, Citroen C3, Peugeot 208 and Kia Ceed. Pure electric models like the Nissan LEAF, the all-electric new Fiat 500, Renault ZOE and VW e-Golf are also proving popular.

Sourcing a car through Wagonex allows students to avoid any long-term financial commitment and means they can simply turn their subscription off when they return to university in the autumn.

Toby Kernon, CEO and founder of Wagonex, said: “Car subscription is the perfect solution for students looking for a car for the summer and so it’s not surprising that we’ve seen this major spike in enquiries.

“Most students study in big towns and cities and use public transport most of the time during term time. They just don’t need a car for most of the year. But during the summer, when they’re back home and want to see friends and go on holiday, having a car can make life so much easier.

“Subscription means they don’t have to find a huge deposit or enter into a long-term financial commitment. They can just find the car they want, complete a few checks, and wait for their car to be delivered to their front door within a couple of days. At the end of summer, when they don’t need the car anymore, they can simply turn their subscription off.”

Those choosing vehicle subscription will find:

  • The choice of hundreds of cars available for subscriptions of anywhere between one and 36 months
  • Deposits are fully returnable at the end of the contract a
  • All parts and maintenance are included for the duration of the contract, meaning no unexpected repair bills!
  • Fully comprehensive and totally transparent insurance can be included in the monthly subscription payment

Need more information? If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the Wagonex website right here!

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