ParentShield offers child protection features built-in

A leading UK Mobile Network has become the first to notify parents the instant their children try and install popular chat applications that are illegal for their age group. The verification SMS messages that carry the ‘setup code’ are also blocked until given the all-clear by parents.

ParentShield is the UK’s only child-only mobile network and provides a safe mobile network with many child protection features built into the network. Being Network controls, the Company’s features all work equally well on any mobile phone without the need to install any applications, or have access to the phone – beyond installing the SIM card.

If the parents decide that the chat application is appropriate and should be allowed, the setup code can be released and forwarded onto the user. With a normal adult network it’s virtually impossible for parents to know that such applications are being installed, and will be unable to have proper discussions with the child about the correct privacy settings to use, and unable to provide help and support.

Parents have full control over their child’s mobile phone via a secure online portal, where they are able to review all calls and text messages – including any deleted from the mobile phone. The extensive features list includes detailed caller and time blocking so parents can decide exactly who their child can communicate with and when.

The Network also provides word alerts for parents to notify them instantly if their children’s messages contain concerning words or phrases.

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