RacingStars Bets Big on Responsible Gambling.


Having gained their UKGC license, been oversubscribed in their Seed Funding round – has this week launched its MVP ahead of Ascot, allowing users to see how they’ve put Fun and Entertainment back into betting. Their guiding principle has always been Responsible Gambling and the product only allows people to place one bet a day, and with a low limit. Putting entertainment ahead of large stakes, is something new to the industry! Operators have spent years trying to crack the balance between Responsible Gambling and Entertainment – and three guys from Norfolk have found the answer.

Nathan, Danny and Steve, the Norfolk based co-founders of, have come up with the unique concept of fantasy horse racing. Indeed, Nathan describes Racing Stars as ‘the first-ever fantasy league horse betting platform based on real races and real prizes.” This is a concept that uses a unique point scoring system that converts starting odds to points – so the higher the odds on your horse, the more points it will earn you. This means that you are never out of the running – one win with a rank outsider could see you steaming past your opponents and taking the top spot.

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The founders of Racing Stars have all seen the damage problem gambling can create – people gambling away wages, selling jewellery and getting into debt. However, they also appreciate the thrill and excitement that horse racing betting brings. They have worked together to find a way to provide punters with the thrill of the bet, the fun of the race, whilst reducing the risk and underpinning the responsible gambling ethos.

This is because it has a set spend – a minimal bet that makes it accessible to all players and means that everyone is playing to their means and not spending money they haven’t got. Having a set minimal bet that applies to all players also means that all punters are level. A bigger spender with more funds doesn’t have any advantage over a punter with just a pocket full of coins. It is impossible to spend more on it than you can afford! Moreover, because this bet lasts for the whole day of racing – and you have the chance to win right until the last race finishes, there is no need to chase your losses!

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Right now, this is just starting out. However, the future looks very exciting. The platform is innovative, unique and has been very cleverly designed. This means that not only can Racing Stars launch multiple race days, but it also leaves it open to the chance of crossing over into other sports such as Formula 1 and greyhound racing.

The possibilities are endless, and the United Kingdom is only the first step!

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of The Anorak Group, on Sunday 13 June, 2021.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because more information can be found right here.

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@TechmashUK @Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #TechmashUK #RacingStars #Betting #ResponsibleGambling #PlayNow #GamingApps #OnlineGames

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