launches new Influencer Marketing Platform

Now more than ever, brands need to know their digital marketing campaigns are reaching the right audience.

So how do brands create authentic messaging for their campaigns? By finding and working with influencers that speak the language of their consumers.

Leading fashion and lifestyle trend forecasting agency, is now helping brands identify and connect with the right influencers for their campaigns.

By joining their platform, brands gain access to a handpicked community of verified influencers selling individual social posts or full-scale campaigns.

Brands are able to search 100s of relevant influencers in their category and request collaborations with one click or have Trendstop do it for them.

Filter by niche, follower count or engagement. This means brands can find exactly what they need to promote their products, engage consumers, and see the return on investment their brand deserves.

Brands and retailers can use the platform in a way that suits their specific needs. Find long-term partnerships with a handful of influencers that speak to their brand. Or purchase one-off social posts on an ad hoc basis.

Each detail will be agreed directly with the influencer so brands can be sure their campaigns hit the mark, speak to their audience and provide the results they’ve always wanted.

Head to for more information.

Interested in trends before they happen? Trendstop offers key fashion forecasts and future bestsellers, in its Trend Snapshots package which includes weekly live trend webinars. Try it now with our free 14-day trial offer.

About is the leading trend innovation agency for fashion and lifestyle businesses. Using a 360° approach, we identify and validate future fashion and consumer trends for brands to create profitable collections.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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