Top VR Games For This Year

There has officially never been a better time to have a VR headset. Whether you play on Meta Quest 2, PC, or even PSVR, all kinds of new virtual reality games are on the way. Now, before we start, we just want to mention that we’re only mentioning games here that we’ve seen a glimpse of footage of. GTA: San Andreas has been announced and Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell are still on the way but we haven’t seen them quite yet.

  • Cities VR
  • Moss: Book II
  • Among Us
  • Cosmonious High
  • Nerf Ultimate Championship
  • Green Hell VR
  • Little Cities
  • Vertigo 2
  • House Flipper – Pets VR
  • Horizon Call of the Mountain

Would you like some more information? Then you are in luck because we have included a link to the story, it can be found below, just run your mouse over the link to satisfy yourself that you are going to the right destination and click for more!

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