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The Design Economy is one of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors, worth £85.2bn, and provides employment to 1.69 million people and opportunities for more than 65K freelancers. Employment, freelancing and/or setting up as a studio are the typical career options open to a designer today. However, as the world of work evolves & automates, a new option is becoming available to designers – to become founders of start-ups.

Many people think design is about how things look, but the truth is design is also about how things work. Design is more than the service industry, it is a cross-functional way of thinking that is invaluable in starting innovative companies. Empathy for customers, an eye for aesthetics and creativity make designers excellent potential founders. However, a general lack of business skills, focus and confidence prevent them from pursuing this path.

That’s why designer Kishen Parmar and social entrepreneur Sonal Kadchha came up with an idea to change this scenario – and possibly change the future. Design Future is an accelerator that empowers designers with a new career option – to start their own companies.

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Design Future

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