Steril-eeze bacterial swab test on staycation travel touchpoints

With staycation bookings surging and the promise of foreign travel beckoning, award-winning hand and surface sanitiser Steril-eeze carried out a bacterial swab test on staycation travel touchpoints, and discovered that ATM, ticket machine and escalator handrails are still crawling with environmental bacteria, human skin and micro-organisms that have come directly from hands (including organisms of gastro-intestinal origin such as faecal matter), clearly demonstrating that some people are still not washing or sanitising their hands properly.

Professor Val Edwards-Jones, microbiologist and adviser to Steril-eeze, carried out the swab test analysis and discusses the results here.

Says Professor Edwards-Jones, “I would have expected these high touch areas to have significantly less bacterial contamination with all the extra hygiene and cleaning protocols now in place in travel areas, but the fact that we found up to 15 different bacteria colonies including faecal matter clearly shows that although you may be washing your hands and sanitising as the government advises, the person in front of you in the ATM or ticket machine queue might not be making such a good job of it. Hand hygiene has never been more important. It’s been a long haul but we need to stay vigilant, sanitise hands, mask up and stay socially distanced.

“Pandemic or not, if people are not washing and sanitising their hands properly, then hand to hand virus transmission when travelling is potentially a problem, whether it be covid or other viruses such as e-coli or flu, the incidence of which had started to decline over recent months. I’ve long been a fan of hypochlorous, and Steril-eeze is such a useful product, you can sanitise your hands, face and space, it’s a super multi-tasker.”

About Steril-eeze

Steril-eeze is the ideal multi-tasking sanitiser for travel, suitable for hands, masks and surfaces, great for spraying high touch areas, and the 50ml bottle is small enough to fling in your backpack, bag or even your pocket.

Steril-eeze is also kind to hands, so it’s suitable for the whole family to use, including children, so especially useful when you’re travelling and sanitiser use can significantly increase. It’s also great for those who have sensitive or easily irritated skin, people with skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema and those whose skin has been affected by the use of alcohol-based sanitisers.

About Hypochlorous

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) has long been used in wound care in hospitals and as a clinical disinfectant in UK dental surgeries, swimming pools, and commercial food preparation areas, and recent advances in engineering technology have enabled its production as a hand sanitiser.

HOCI is naturally occurring in the human body and is one of the most powerful biological oxidants generated by our white blood cells, playing an important role in the immune system, fighting off infection. Steril-eeze replicates the body’s own production of HOCI, and when sprayed onto hands or surfaces, it kills viruses and bacteria quickly and effectively.

Steril-eeze is scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on hands (BS EN 1500) and surfaces (EN14476 and EN1276) and was found to be just as effective as alcohol sanitisers. Containing a high concentration of hypochlorous 300 ppm (parts per million), Steril-eeze is the gold standard for alcohol-free sanitisers.


Spray 4 – 6 times onto dry hands, rub together ensuring all areas of the hands have been covered, and let the skin dry naturally.

Surfaces & Masks:

Spray and allow to dry.

Steril-eeze is quick-drying, non-sticky, and is available in 3 different sizes:

50 ml RRP £2.49. 100 ml RRP £3.99. 250 ml RRP £7.49

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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